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Scott Burton

SCOTT BURTON is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector by the NRPA/NPSI (since 1992, one of the first!), and is also S.A.F.E. Certified by the National Program for Playground Safety. He has instructed various playground and recreation safety courses from beginner to advanced to inspectors, Child Care Licensing Bureaus, Parks & Recreation Depts., corporate managers, etc. He was an instructor for the CPSI courses for the NPSI. He has been in this industry since 1981. He has designed, manufactured and installed thousands of different types of equipment and areas. He has performed safety audits at THOUSANDS of playground sites (each site having at least one playground, some up to 6 playgrounds at one site) in and out of the USA, offering inexpensive modification recommendations. He has accepted over 540 cases as an expert witness to date (and also turned down way over 500 cases, mostly due to lack of merit to the case, or he was already on the other side, or it simply was not a good fit). He has been honored with the 2008 "Playground Safety Advocate of the Year" award by the National Program for Playground Safety. He is on the National Program for Playground Safety Advisory Board. As prior owner of Florida's largest (and the Southeast's second largest) recreation equipment manufacturing company for nearly 12 years, his duties included planning, design, writing specifications, purchasing, manufacturing & installation supervision, surfacing specifications, and sales networking worldwide.

His company designed, manufactured and installed the following;

This hands-on experience helps tremendously as an expert witness, auditor, inspector, consultant, and designer. Mr. Burton sold the company on March 5, 1993 to devote more time to SAFETY PLAY, INC.®, which he founded in 1988.



IMPORTANT NOTE; SAFETY PLAY, INC.® does not sell playground, sports or recreational equipment, surfacing, or even parts, so the work we perform for you remains free from bias or conflict of interest, and is INSURED. We DO, however, draw upon many years of PAST manufacturing and consulting experience to offer you the best specific modification recommendations! In addition, we do NOT make repairs to your equipment, not so much as a nut or a bolt. This way, we will not profit from it since it is a conflict of interest and makes it a bias service, so beware of the companies that perform audits yet still offer these products and services. "Local" companies may not provide you with the more important factors of having the expertise and experience of having WRITTEN the rules that ALL STATES must adhere to, as well as having other important qualifications. See the "QUALIFICATIONS" page and be your own judge!

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