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NOTE; *We offer "VIRTUAL" inspections, depositions or trial appearances, if needed (via Zoom, etc.), during these difficult times, instead of traveling and incurring more costs, which saves you money! Please ask for details!

*Of course we also offer "IN PERSON" services as well, under certain circumstances. NOTE; there is a suspension on all air travel right now. Sorry.

Our HOME page has additional information on 3rd party safety AUDITS, PLAYGROUND SAFETY LABELS, PLAYGROUND INSPECTION TOOL KITS, etc.

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NOTE; there is a suspension on all air travel right now. Sorry.

If you are an ATTORNEY for the Defendant or the Plaintiff, consider these facts:

Clients include Plaintiff attorneys, as well as Defense attorneys representing clients such as Disney, Sears Roebuck, K-Mart, La Petite Academy, Burger King, Carl's Jr., various manufacturers, insurance companies, parks & recreation departments, public and private schools, child care centers, restaurant chains, museums, zoos, homeowners associations, churches, campgrounds, etc.

Scott Burton has accepted over 525 cases as an expert witness to date in 43 states & Canada, turned down over 500 cases as well (mostly due to lack of merit to the case, or he was already on the other side, or it simply was not a good fit), given over 85 depositions and has testified in court over 23 times, plus four more times where the cases settled right before he took the stand. The case ratio is approximately 60% Plaintiff and 40% Defense. Scott has been honored with the 2008 "Playground Safety Advocate of the Year" award by the National Program for Playground Safety.

As all experts should practice, we refund any unused portions of retainers or advances received*. To date we have refunded OVER $160,000.00 (ranging from $5.30 to $6,688.97) to over 125 attorneys due to funds that were received but not earned (due to cases settling, or closing in some manner, with a refund due). Why? Because that is the way it should be. Ethical. If we earn it, it's ours, if not, it's simply refunded*! You may also choose to donate your refund to the many children's charities through the Masonic Lodge! *(Refunds are after "case minimum" is reached. Call for details).

Member of Masonic Lodge #139 (Master Mason).

FREE AIR FARE* to anywhere within the continental U.S., so now he is semi-"LOCAL"!
Shared-cost air fare elsewhere in the world!

This provides you with a semi-"local" expert. One round trip only. A 31-day notice is required, or just pay the difference (if any) for a shorter notice. *Value is limited to $300.00. Other restrictions may apply.
Trip may be combined with other work or prospects in your area to save you money!

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